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SpazioReale has been founded with the aim to reinterpret the underground area of the Old Convent of the Augustinians in Monte Carasso, so as to offer the public unique and unexpected paths for discovery and meditation. The Augustinian Convent is an absolutely charismatic place that naturally lends itself to the staging of original exhibitions. The name of this establishment combines two-dimensional elements assimilated in our everyday experience: space and reality. SpazioReale aims to provide the public with an opportunity to reflect upon the surrounding world.


To look into the eyes of reality, observe it, germinate those questions that allow us, in our search for possible answers, to uncover that which the reality conceals. To confront oneself with the outer layer of things and ponder on the expectation of discovery. SpazioReale encompasses this experience: the chance to look with fresh eyes at the world around us, at the society in which we live, or at the things that we have experienced only indirectly. SpazioReale calls for confrontation: with images on display, with others, with ourselves, our feelings, and our reactions.


SpazioReale has been cut out for images: photography, video, multimedia. The boundary between art and documentation of reality - still too often used to carve up reflections in watertight and non-communicative categories - has been consciously erased. SpazioReale is a journey. One who embarks on this adventure must expect to be confronted by reality. By the world. Near and far. A journey that stirs emotions, incites questions, and invites oneself to look for answers.


The human being stands at the centre of it all. With its endless contradictions and a never dormant need to be understood and to comprehend.

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