During the past twenty years, the municipality of Monte Carasso, with the invaluable and decisive  contribution of architect Luigi Snozzi, has developed and continues to develop a design strategy that promotes qualitative use of the territory through the development of innovative building standards.


The primary objective of this plan has been to redevelop the central area of the town as a venue for various civil and religious institutions through the adoption of the following measures:

  • a clear delineation of the historical centre by means of a ring road intended to expand the old perimeter of the convent
  • restructuring the ancient monastery of the Augustinian to include an elementary school, a cultural and recreational centre, as well as the creation of outdoor spaces intended for public use
  • future integration of a public building envisioned as new boundary limits of the village square, along with the town hall and the new bank
  • possible expansion of the cemetery on both sides, and creation of two pedestrian access links between residential areas and the two entrances of the church.

Enforceable regulations aim at upgrading the municipal area intended for private building, through careful management of each and all interventions, which must synchronize with the type and morphology of individual buildings.


 The "Monte Carasso project" has been followed closely and has aroused great interest; it was also presented with two significant honours:

  • the "Wakker 1993" prize of Heimatschutz (Swiss Heritage Society);
  • the "Prince of Wales 1993" prize of the Harvard University in Boston (USA).
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